Vehicle Emission Analyzers

Portable Gas Analyzers

Gasboard 5020

4/5-gas GASBOARD-4020/5020

Gasboard 5020 emission gas analyzer can be used for measurement of the concentration of automobile emission gas CO, CO2, HC, O2 and NO (optional). It is based on the pulsable infrared source and single source two beams non-dispersion infrared (NDIR) method. It's general application is automobile emission check station or car repair garage.

  • Can measure gas concentration of CO, HC,CO2,O2,NOx (optional) simultaneously
  • With 320*240 LCD and 6 keypads for operation
  • Calculates Air/fuel ratio
  • Auto-zero calibration with air
  • Oil temperature and RPM interface
  • Printer
  • RS-232C interface and optional software.
  • 40 sec warmup time
  • 3 sec reaction time

Price 4020: 1450.00 EUR (excl VAT)
Price 5020: 1700.00 EUR (excl VAT)

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Smokemeter GASBOARD-6010

GASBOARD 6010 opacity meter is used to
measure the diesel exhaust smoke by the
introduction of a proportion of the vehicle
exhaust gasses into the smoke check
chamber via a sample probe. It is
equipped with a gas temperature,
pressure valve and distribution control cell
in order to ensure accuracy and
repeatability. It can measure the
complete opacity spectrum from 0-100%
in either continuous or free acceleration.

  • Free accelerative and transient state measurement of opacity for dieselengine.
  • Display of Smoke opacity degree and Light absorption coefficient.
  • Partial flow technology to keep optic system from pollution, constant temperature control for detection cell.
  • Auto-zero calibration with fresh air
  • Apparatus performance meets requirements of ISO11614 and GB3847-2005.
  • RS232 interface
  • Oil temperature and RPM interface (optional)
  • size-260x180x360 mm
  • Weight 8кг.

Price: 1450.00 EUR (excl VAT)

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Hand held unit with accumulator

Delta 1600 S Vehicle

Delta 1600 S

The DELTA 1600 S is the smallest and lightest measuring instrument for exhaust gases of motor vehicles with gasoline engines. An ideal handheld measuring unit for quick and easy exhaust monitoring for all cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles etc.. The DELTA 1600 S has been developed and designed for measuring “on the road”, without the need of mains power supply.

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