Claan Room Validation

If you have clean rooms, you need MData Systems,Ltd to ensure that they are truly clean — and that they stay that way.
MData Systems offers wide range of services for clean room validation andcertification according internationsl standards like EN ISO 14644 и EU GMP - Annex 1:


  • Validation of air cleanliness clases according ISO 14644-1, ISO 14644-2 and EU GMP - Annex 1
  • Tests according EN ISO 14644-3: temperature and humidity inside the clean room,
  • Tests of time for achievement of cleanliness class conditions (100:1),
  • Differential pressure between rooms tests,
  • Visualisation of the air flow
  • Tests for airflow velocity and speed of air exchange
  • Tests of HEPA filters (DOP test) etc.

We are always ready to adapt your projects to comply with standards after instalation new climat, vantilation filtering and other systems.
Our engineering team are highly qualified and experienced engineers, using modern and reliable measuring equipment for validation of clean zones, zones with laminar flow, microbiological laboratories and engineering facilities.
We provide tests for gases and microbiological conditions in rooms.
Please, connect us if you need these services. We offer highly individual approach for each particular project according client's needs.