Heated Hoses

Analytical heated hoses

JES 301

JH3F Heated Gas Sample Hose

  • For analytical applications
  • High quality and long life
  • Excellent heat insulation
  • Manufactured to exact customer specifications
    Heated sample hoses are used to transport the measured sample gas from the sample probe to the analysis system. The elevated temperature of the hose maintains the integrity of the sample gases without loses due to moisture drop-out or dissolution.
    The hoses are manufactured using a special heating element that extends the life of the hoses and prevents cold spots, whilst the high quality insulation allows excellent temperature control with minimum heat loss. The hose is lightweight and flexible allowing tight bend radiuses for reduced installation time and costs.

Datasheet JH3F (EN)

JES 301

JH3B-HKS60 Heated Hose

  • Designed for gas analysis
  • Available per meter for self assembly
  • Optimal heat deployment
    The JH3B-HKS60 heated hose with a parallel heating tape featuring 60W heating power per meter is designed for extractive gas analysing systems and heated to max. 180C. It is equipped with a fixed or replaceable PTFE core. As outer protection a smooth siliconelayer is used. Optionally the heated hose can be equipped with an additional calibration gas core.

Datasheet JHF (EN)


JHAF Heated Gas Sample Hose with integrated filter

  • Integrated filter
  • High quality and long life
  • Excellent heat insulation
  • Manufactured to exact customer specifications
    Heated sample hoses are used to transport the measured sample gas from the probe to the analysis system. The HAF hose has an integrated and heated filter and is therefore suitable for mobile or FID applications.

Datasheet JHAF (EN)

Industrial Heated Hoses


JH100/JH700/JH200/JH800 Heated Hoses

  • Industrial application
  • Long life
  • High compressive strength
  • High quality workmanship
    The JCT range of heated hoses (series JH100, JH700, JH200 and JH800) provide outstanding application performance.
    The heated hoses are custom made to the clients exact requirements allowing JCT to provide bespoke solutions that have not been previously available.
    The hoses are produced to a very high quality standard and offer a long operational life. They have extremely high compressive strength and pressure ratings up to 600bar are available.

JH100 - JH800 (EN)


JH800 Heated Hose for co-extrusion

  • High pressure and temperature resistance
  • Simple tool change and integration
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Robust construction
    The JCT JH800 heated hoses are specially developed for use with a variety of media, such as plastics, chemicals, solvents, oils, greases and abrasive media where increased temperature is required for transportation purposes.
    The JH800 heated hose was designed for use in the co-extrusion and plastics industry and has an outstanding performance, especially for extremely high temperatures and pressure resistance. The hose compensates for thermal expansion and vibration and can be easily integrated into the plant.

JH800 CoExtrusion (EN)


HL40/80 Heated Hose for Food Applications

  • Easy to use
  • Very well-protected heating element
  • Direct detection of temperature
    The JCT HL series food hose provides impressive performance features and is designed for the transfer of fat and fat-free foods and alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.

HL 40/80 (EN)


HW19/25 Heated Hose for Water Transport

  • Water Transportation
  • High reliability
  • Well-protected heating element
  • Long life
    The JCT HW series water transfer hose provides elevated temperatures where water needs to be transported without the risk of freezing. The hose provides high build quality, excellent performance features and long operation life. It is ideal for all sub-zero and winter applications, these can include container villages, campsites, Christmas markets, outside catering, military and mining uses.