Industry Emissions and Process Control

Stationary Continuous Emission Monitoring System


Lamtec LT. CO/O2 control - Combustion Optimisation

The failsafe CO/O2 control is based on the usage of either: Two probes for measuring O2 (LS1 or LS2) and to detect COe (KS1), or A twin probe for the simultaneous measurement/detection of O2/COe (KS1D), Combined with the corresponding sensor electronics. The sensor electronic Lambda-Transmitter (LT) is connected to LAMTEC burner- and fuel/air ratio control with integrated CO/O2 control via Lamtec System Bus (LSB).

  • Корпус устойчив на вода и прах
  • Автоматично прочистване на сондата със сгъстен въздух
  • Не изисква дехидратация, и гарантира точно измерване на компонентите на мокри газове
  • Голям избор на сонди

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Gas Converters

JNOX NO2 to NO Converter

  • Long life NOx converter
  • Leading converter efficiency of >95%
  • High flow capacity 
The JCT JNOX series of NOx converters are designed to efficiently convert NO2 to NO prior to measurement by NDIR extractive analysers.  The high quality and reliability of the conversion is characterized by an efficiency of over 95% at high flow rates, as well as a low maintenance, long life converter cartridge.
The JNOX series converters are available in 4 different models including options for bypass streams with selection valves and metallic or carbon converter material; thus ensuring that the JNOX series meets all requirements.

JNOX converter (EN)