Броячи на частици

Ръчни броячи на частици


Ръчен лазерен брояч на частици модел Kanomax 3886

  • 5 размера на частиците: 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0 и 5.0 мкм в CF или M3
  • Вграден сензор на потока (0.1 CFM +/- 10%)
  • Възможност за включване на сонди за темп./ RH и скорост на въздуха.
  • Измерва до 4 параметъра с 1 инструмент

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Ръчен лазерен брояч на частици модел Kanomax 3887

  • 3 канала по размери 0.3, 0.5, и 5.0 мкм
  • вграден сензор за поток (0.1 CFM +/- 10%)

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Кондензационен брояч на частици Kanomax 3800

  • Indoor Air Quality Investigation
  • Aerosol Research
  • Filter Test
  • Environmental Monitoring for Electronics, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical etc.

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Портативни лазерни броячи на частици


Портативни лазерни броячи Kanomax 3905 и 3910

    Лазерен брояч на шест различни размера на частиците 0,3 / 0,5 / 1.0 / 3.0 / 5.0 и 10 um. Дебит 28,3 l/min., сензорен екран и софтуерен пакет
  • Голям дисплей със сензорен екран
  • Вътрешна памет на 5000 измервания
  • Измервани параметри: частици, въздушен поток, температура, влажност, диференциално налягане
  • Възможност за работа по различни стандарти: ISO 14644, FS 209E, BS 5295, EC GMP

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Стационарни лазерни броячи

Aerosol Sampling Manifold TSI M32-01

    The TSI Aerosol Sampling Manifold Model M32-01 offers an affordable solution for monitoring multiple locations in large areas with a single particle counter. The Model M32-01 can provide important trend analysis and clean room verification.
    The product has 32 sampling ports and is compatible with TSI 1 CFM (28.3 L/min) AEROTRAK™ Portable Particle Counters, including those down to 0.1 ?m sensitivity. The Manifold is controlled via FMS 5 Software, allowing the user to configure and control the system to meet their requirements.

  • Multiplexed monitoring for up to 32 locations
  • Short purge time
  • Economical price per point sampling
  • Bi-directional control capability
  • Sample runs of up to 125 feet (38.1 m)
  • Programmable sampling point sequences
  • Controlled by FMS 5 Software
  • Compatible with 1 CFM (28.3 L/min) AEROTRAK™
  • Portable Particle Counters
  • Integrated controller minimizes complexity
  • Port for pressure sensor to ensure vacuum flow

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Аерозолни генератори

Аерозолни генератори Topas

    Продуктите от серията ATM се използват за генериране не тестови аерозоли с определени свойства (VDI 3491). Конструктивните решения на ATM осигуряват висока точност и възпроизводимост на размера и концентрацията на частиците.


  • Генериране на аерозоли по стандарта VDI 3491
  • Дълговременна стабилност на параметрите на аерозоли
  • Ултрамикронно разпределение на размера на частиците
  • Регулируема интензивност на генериране на частиците

  • Приложения:

  • Тестване на филтри
  • Изследования на аерозолите, например за изучване на инхалиране, токсикологичните изпитвания или за научните изследования за околната среда
  • Калибриране на измервателни уреди
  • Визуализирене на въздушни потоци
  • Валидиране на чисти помещения

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Разредяващи системи Topas

    A great number of measuring tasks related to aerosol technology requires defined dilution of the aerosol to be characterized. So the evaluation of filter and filter media is often only possible using suitable dilution techniques in order to measure particle size distributions at both high and low particle concentrations with the same measuring device.
    Dilution systems of the series DIL have been designed for defined total flow rates and fixed dilution factor and have especially been developed for on-site filter testing.
    The dilution systems DDS and HDS can be used for different total volume flows, with the dilution factor being adjusted by the user. Dilution is performed by all of these devices without any auxiliary pressurized air. The keeping of the dilution factor is continuously monitored by an internal measuring unit and is automatically readjusted at DIL 540 and HDS 561. All types of dilution devices are designed for mobile use. A battery supplies the power for the DIL 554.

    Special Advantages:
  • Aerosol generators according to guidline VDI 3491
  • Long-term stable test-aerosol
  • Submicron particle size distribution
  • Adjustable particle production
  • Individual device solution by use case

  • Applications:
  • Filter testing
  • Aeorosl research, i. e. for inhalation studies, toxicological experiments or for environmental research
  • Calibration of measuring instruments
  • Flow visualisation
  • Cleanroom validation

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Генератори за мъгла

Ултразвуков генератор за мъгла AFM NEO

    Cleanrooms are dynamic systems. People and goods are constantly in motion. Installations, production lines and machines are periodically adjusted to the production of different products. According to the relevant standard ISO 14644-3 Annex B7 the operators of cleanrooms are obliged to give periodically evidence of the actual air flow situation by an air Flow mapping basing e. g. on high purity water fog generators.
    Sistema’s ultrasonic water fog (aerosol) generators of the AFM-NEO Series do offer an unmatched potential for zero contamination air flow visualisation and tracking studies in cleanrooms according to ISO 14644-3 Annex B7. All versions of the AFM-NEO Series are portable, are operated with non-contaminating media (DI water) atomized into micro sized droplets.

Fog Output Characteristics:
  • Unmatched Fog Output with up to 24 Piezos
  • High Density
  • High Purity
  • Non-Contaminating
  • No Fluid & No Oil Aerosol generators according to guidline VDI 3491

  • Air Flow Visualization and Tracking in Cleanrooms
  • Containment Transport Studies on Process Tools
  • Optimization of Equipment Locations
  • Detection of unsuspected particulate and gaseous Containment Sources
  • Tracking Routes of Air Infiltration into Cleanrooms
  • Pressure Balancing (rooms and spaces) - Operators Trainings

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