Company profile

MData Systems Ltd is young innovative Bulgarian company which focuses mainly on mobile system development based on Pocket PC (PDA) and mobile phones.

We have experience and we provide:

  • data acquisition and control system development including wireless Bluetooth® based solutions,
  • software development for Windows CE® based mobile devices,
  • interfacing PDA’s to customers equipment,
  • custom design of other integrated solutions.

We offer:

  • Mobile measurement and control system design including wireless acquisition systems and loggers,
  • Mobile system development based on Pocket PC's,
  • Mobile phone application design using WAP and SMS services,
  • System integration,
  • Consulting.

We sell:

Who needs this?

All areas, where mobile data acquisition, processing and visualisation is required, especially medicine, rescue, environmental monitoring, since and engineering experiments, research and development, etc.

Our Partners

Companies, who are interested in mobile system application or who want to extend their product range using mobile technologies.